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Er Splenda så sunt da??


Iset sa for siden:

Siden det er fremstilt av sukker mener jeg....


HP sa for siden:

Det er i det minste naturlig... :p

Men kom med fakta! Spennende tema, akkurat godkjent for salg i EU! :D


Nille sa for siden:

Splenda er fremstilt av sukker, med det ER ikke sukker slik vi kjenner det. For de som kan engelsk, her er litt info om Splenda.

Over a 20-year period after the discovery of sucralose in 1976, more than 100 studies were conducted to support the safety of sucralose. These studies, the results of which are summarized below, were designed to determine how sucralose is absorbed, metabolized, and excreted by the body and to assess its potential effects on the body. These studies have shown that sucralose is safe for use.

The safety of sucralose has also been confirmed by years of both domestic and international use.

Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination of Sucralose

Absorption: Most ingested sucralose passes through the digestive system unchanged and without causing gastrointestinal side effects. Studies have shown that about 15% of ingested sucralose is passively absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Distribution: The small amount of sucralose that is absorbed is distributed to essentially all tissues. Studies show that there is no active transport of sucralose across the blood-brain barrier, across the placental barrier, or from the mammary gland into milk.

Metabolism: Although derived from sucrose, sucralose is not perceived by the body as a carbohydrate. Unlike carbohydrates, sucralose is not broken down during its passage through the body. In humans, approximately 2% of the amount consumed is biotransformed into toxicologically insignificant components that are rapidly excreted in urine.

Elimination: Most ingested sucralose is excreted unchanged in feces, without gastrointestinal effects. Of the small amount that is absorbed, most is eliminated unchanged in urine within about 24 hours.

An Outstanding Safety Profile
Safety studies show that sucralose is a safe and essentially inert ingredient. Conclusions from the studies include the following:

  • No known side effects
  • Not toxic: No adverse effects seen in test animals, even in amounts equivalent in sweetness to 40+ pounds of sugar per day for life
  • No bioaccumulation
  • Not carcinogenic
  • Not genotoxic: Does not cause genetic mutations
  • No effects on fetal or neonatal development
  • Not neurotoxic: No evidence of effects on the central nervous system
  • Not cariogenic: Although sucralose is derived from sugar, it is not used by oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. The maltodextrin and dextrose that are added to the granular and packet forms of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener have some cariogenic potential, but studies have shown that these SPLENDA® products may be preferable to sugar when comparing potential for causing dental caries
  • No effect on carbohydrate metabolism
  • No calories or carbohydrate: Sucralose is not hydrolyzed or otherwise broken down for energy
  • No effect on short- or long-term blood glucose control or on serum insulin levels*: Sucralose is suitable for people with diabetes and may be used as part of an overall healthy diet designed to meet their unique dietary needs
    Use of Sucralose by People With Diabetes
    The FDA has approved the use of sucralose by everyone, including people with diabetes. Although made from sugar, sucralose is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate. Therefore, it is not broken down for energy and provides no calories. Studies in humans with and without diabetes have shown no effect of sucralose on insulin levels, fasting or postprandial blood glucose levels, or long-term blood glucose control (hemoglobin A1c).

Sucralose can be used by everyone, including people with diabetes as part of a healthy diet designed for their unique needs. The availability of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener will lead to an even wider array of no calorie and low calorie foods and beverages. The availability of these products may make it easier for people with diabetes to eat more healthily and to achieve their dietary goals without sacrificing taste.


Albertine sa for siden:

Har noen av dere prøvd Splenda?


Maz sa for siden:

Jeg har prøvd litt og det smaker bra. Men jeg bruker ikke sticks så jeg kan ikke si noe om effekten om en er i ketose. Men når det er sagt brukes jo dette i Atkins dette i produkter som er anbefalt i fase 1 og 2 om jeg husker rett.


Iset sa for siden:

ok så det er mer naturlig enn hvitt sukker da... for hvitt raffinert sukker er jo overhodet IKKE naturlig.
Takk for svar:) har en pakke i skapet nemlig! :D


HP sa for siden:

Jeg har!!! :D

Lavkarboforumet er i en flytteprosess, denne versjonen av Lavkarbo.no er fortsatt under utvikling. Hvis du vil svare i tråden, så kan du gjøre det her.